Trailer Compliance Plates offer Australian Premium Plates that meet all Australian requirements.

How long does my order take after payment?

We offer FREE Express Shipping all across Australia. Express Shipping may take up to 1-3 business days.

What are the plates made from?

Our plates are all anodised aluminum 180x50mm with 4 holes and strong industrial adhesive.  All our plates are suited for the harshest Australian conditions.

What do the details on the plate mean?

MANUFACTURER - enter your name, the name of your business or "home made".
VIN - This is the Vehicle Identification Number and is issued by the registration authority - after completing the relevant form and paying a small fee.
DATE OF MANUFACTURE - completion date of the trailer build.
TARE (kg) - total mass of trailer without any load, including "ball or drawbar weight".
AGGREGATE TRAILER MASS (kg) - total mass of trailer including maximum load.
TYRE SIZE/PLY - the tyre size as noted on the side walls of the trailer's tyres - ensure that the combined tyre load rating is above the ATM of the trailer
RIM PROFILE - as noted on the rim - usually stamped on the inside of the rim.
RECOMD.COLD TYRE PRESSURE (kPa) - this information may be be written on the side wall of the tyre, or consult the tyre supplier/manufacturer
LOAD CARRYING CAPACITY OF AXLE OR AXLE GROUP (kg) - the capacity of the trailer suspension.
MAXIMUM VEHICLE OPERATING SPEED (km/h) - Maximum vehicle operating speed.


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*We do not issue refunds.*